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Our testimonials are constantly updated as more satisfied clients are happy to share their experience and to further help others who are suffering from hair thinning and hair loss.

"Ultra Hair Clinic are very professional and reliable and always gives me the end result I want. They are very accommodating when it comes to booking an appointment even if i require an appointment at the last minute even though they are always busy they can accommodate. My hairloss was quite aggressive but Ultra were very accommodating and adhered to my every need. All the stylists are inspirational for new trendy haircuts/hairstyles. I have recommended many friends/family and to anyone who is slightly thinning. I don’t know what I ever done without you." 
Liza Brown-Medical Student

"Ultra Hair Clinic have just been phenomenal in both my personal and professional career. I regularly entertain internationally and it is imperative that I look and feel great. The Ultra Hair Team do an amazing job in ensuring that my thinning hair is disguised. The haircut and hair style of my hair always complements my makeup and costumes. I have been to others clinics in the past but found it very difficult to find highly qualified and consistent hair stylists but Ultra tick every box. There is no doubt in my mind I have made the correct choice and will be a very satisfied client for many years to come"
Carol Goldie-International Entertainer

"I am extremely impressed by Ultra’s ability to literally read my mind and deliver results to a very high standard time and time again. Ultra have grasped my needs and understand exactly what im about. The realism in their hair systems are astounding. Keep it up."
Henry Levinson-Corporate Manager

"I had been looking for a Hair clinic to discuss my hair thinning problems with but the previous ones I got in touch with never seemed able to meet our expectation . Finally, when I discovered Ultra Hair Clinic through a Google search, it was apparent they are passionate and they are exactly what I was looking for. They had a large amount of impressive results and previous client testimonials that seem to be constantly updated which I now understand why. After my initial consultation Ultra took great care in what treatment/s are best suited for me. Most importantly, the small details have made all the difference and I opted for a hair system. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results."
David Marshal, M.D

“Being faced with the task tackling my hair thinning was a daunting prospect. I plucked the courage and began my research and started speaking with a few clinics. This led me to Ultra Hair Clinic, right from the start it was their goal to get inside my head and understand exactly what I was after. After a few back-and-forth emails I booked a consultation. They knew exactly what I was after and how I wanted to proceed. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.Thank you, Ultra.
Caroline Day-fitness instructer-32

"I found Ultra Hair Clinic with an extensive online search and were attracted to them because the results and testimonials spoke volumes to me.
Im based in London with regular commutes to Birmingham, I required a clinic to reflect my busy lifestyle. I love my new look and is exactly what I was looking for. For anyone genuinely looking to combat their thinning hair Ultra Hair Clinic is the way forward."
George Brendan-BDM

"Not only do they offer fantastic treatments for hair thinning but I am genuinely valued and cared for. I find the staff at Ultra Hair Clinic are extremely professional and have completely exceeded my expectation. They give my hair the attention it needs and can’t say enough positives things about them so much so my before and after results are on their website. You truly have given my life and confidence back. Was a bonus it was a fraction of the cost I had been quoted elsewhere."
Kamalpreet Sidhu, Beautician Technician, 23

"I came upon Ultra Hair Clinic by the off chance by a recommendation by a work colleague. Was very very apprehensive at the beginning to say the least. I had seen all the before and afters and read all the reviews but what really got me was when I seen it first hand in real life I was taken back to say the least. I could not believe it was a hair system, it looked awesome. They instilled confidence in me and I haven’t looked back. They assured the hair system will look and feel phenomenal. They honestly weren’t wrong. I would like to think I wasn’t a vain person but just wanted to look and feel my age. I can truly say it has changed my life and guys and girls just give it a go, everything to gain and nothing to lose."
Emma Paris, Financial Strategist, 52

"For a while I started to notice my hair thinning and falling out, I became very upset and I felt myself becoming more and more withdrawn, Then a friend told me about a solution to my problem, she said her father has this system and is thrilled about the results, she recommended I consider it.I did and went ahead, and I can truly say it changed my, or rather gave my old life, the system restored my confidence and I felt “normal” again, I no longer felt like a freak, with no second glances, I felt like everyone else,….invicible, I can truly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I cannot recommend it highly enough."
Angela Styles

"Ultra Hair Clinic have been very impressive. The advice they gave me about the hair system styles and what would suit me was faultless. I am ecstatic with the result and my family and friends have all commented how natural my hair looks and feels."

Rodney Webb, Civil Servant

"I find the staff at Ultra Hair Clinic to be very professional and have exceeded all my expectations with my results. They are always paying extra attention to detail and going that extra mile to make me look and feel fabulous. I can’t thank them enough for their help and support."
A’ishah Begum

"After many years of battling my hair thinning alone, I decided to contact ultra hair clinic. I went along to my consultation feeling shy and a bit reluctant to disclose my issues. I had also opted to have a female only consultant. I decided to go for the laser restoration treatment and I cannot tell you how much it had changed my life. I know “changed my life” can sometimes be a cliché, but in my case it truly had. I left a confident and secure individual who believed the world was her oyster! Thank you Ultra, esp my mentor who was there for me throughout my course." 
Sadia Khan, LLB age 31 

"In my busy life focusing on my career, I felt that hair thinning was the last thing I needed in my life. It all came suddenly when family and friends had started to noticed at the occasional work or family engagements and on many occasions teased me about it in a jokingly manner. Unfortunately, they were not aware that I was actually suffering from alopecia areata and it was engulfing my whole life. Starting my treatment with Ultra certainly gave my confidence back, I’m so glad there are solutions for people like myself who honestly at one stage though I would be bald for the rest of my life."
Jjahanara 38 teacher 

"Nights out were the hardest for me, I had just had my transition and although I saw myself as a woman I was fully aware others did not. I thought I had done the hard bit, little did I know that loosing hair was going to be devastating ordeal for me. I’m so happy with my hair I feel like a unicorn! My hair is me and a true definition of my persona. Thankyou ultra, for kindly listening to me without prejudice and preconceptions, to me that meant the whole world." 
Transgender- Lisa 25

"Wearing a scarf on my head, people would presume I no longer cared about my hair, but my hair was my beauty and I felt that I would be lost if I lost my hair. It started off as thinning and was getting worse the longer I avoided it. I went to the free consultation with my husband who was going to be my support, and who was completely bald. Little did we realise that we would be so happy at Ultra we both decided to go for the treatment lol."
Taz 25 teacher & Shakil 28 accountant 

"Beautiful clinic, my dedicated hair stylist knew how I wanted my hair system and understood what I meant exactly. She made me look and feel phenomenal, Loved the hospitality, Ultra have got magic hands, amazing people with the greatest, Personalities Thank you very much.X"
Amira Khan-Career women

"My 12 year old daughter suffered from hair loss as a result of alopecia, She found it increasingly difficult to enjoy many things that most of us take for granted, Having found ultra hair clinic was a godsend, my daughter hasn’t truly been herself up until now, Just been like all the other girls of the same age changed our world, This was mostly due to that fact The Ultra Hair Team were so welcoming, professional and made her feel at ease. Once again thank you very much for all your support and understanding through this difficult time XXXXX"
Ashleigh(Mother of Bethany)

"OMG!!!!!!!!! I look awesome(if I do say so myself). I’m literally over the moon. Why haven’t I done this many years before??? I feel good, look good (a lot of attention if you know what I mean. lol) and no-one has a clue what I have done. By far the best, cheapest treatment available on the market. The Ultra Guys are crazy,mad I tell ya. Thank you so so much. I always recommend you to anyone who is losing their hair and will carry on to do so. Enjoy your success"
Ian Roberts-club promoter

"Im 19 years old and losing my hair was the worst feeling ever, I lost all my confidence and everything that made me “me”. I came across Ultra from their tv advert and decided to give them a call. They were very honest and professional. They let me know what my true options were and what to expect. I decided to go ahead with a hair system (scared as hell at this point). Is it going to look good on me as their current clients/staff, What will people think etc etc. I took the plunge and decided to go ahead with it. Template taken, hair sample taken, now ready and waiting for the hair system to arrive. Bless them, I must have called about a 100 times asking every which question. Day of fitting arrives absolutely “bricking it” They made me feel at ease and started the fitting. I was overwhelmed with the results, by far exceeded my expectations, I’ve always have had my hair very short on the sides and was worried it may not look good very short. They actually cut my hair short on the sides to a number “0”. I went for the pompodour/overcomb hairstyle. It looked fantastic. I’ve told a few select people about the treatment and they absolutely loved it and everyone else hasn’t a clue. JOB DONE!!!!!!!"
Colin Armstrong-Retail Manager

"Before I found Ultra Hair Clinic, I visited several hair clinic/salon etc. and even some beauty type outlets, I never seemed happy with the advice I received. By chance a colleague recommended Ultra Hair Clinic. Not only are the premises immaculate and very well equipped, they are very easy to contact, via e-mail or phone and will always return calls/emails very quickly(big bonus) In a very gentle and consultative they discussed my hair thinning needs, it was never pushy or over bearing in anyway. I was delighted with the treatment i had. As a professional woman, my grooming regime is essential to my career, I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a reliable and professional team. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Ultra Hair Clinic to anyone."
Raquel Piper

"Just a big thank you to the Ultra Hair Clinic team, from the initial consultation to the final results, my concerns were listened to and addressed with the greatest understanding. You deserve all your success."

Steven Malloy, Recruitment Manager

"I greatly appreciated the home consultation, I genuinely did feel at ease, thank you to Ultra for all their support and understanding through this difficult time. I love my results."

Kelly Abbott, Student

"I had mixed feelings about the laser hair therapy treatment, now seeing growth coming through I’m over the moon. Thanks"
Amandeep Singh, Electrician

"Being from an African Caribbean background I was very concerned if it will look natural with my hair type, I’m now very happy with the results."
Leeroy Bailey, Businessman

"Thank you for making my hair like Zayn from one direction."
Kadir Uddin (age 10)

"I am so glad I left the other clinic to be with Ultra as it was the most cost effective and first class quality I have found and the decision to change over was made very easy for me, Thankyou."
Richard Mau, Takeaway owner

"I was at the beginning stages of hair loss and apprehensive about doing this, I am glad I chose Ultra Hair Clinic, nobody even knows I have had the treatment."
Imran Hussain, Taxi driver

"Although his hair loss never affected me I knew how immensely it affected Kam, he looked great in a shaved head but he felt he was settling for second best, you have given us a new lease of life, I will always recommend you to family and friends."
Sapna (wife of Kamran), Housewife

"Beverley fisher-Absolutely amazing. My hair is brilliant, completely exceeded my expectations. The staff are very welcoming and understanding and I absolutely love coming here."
Beverly Fisher, Exhibition organiser

"Very happy now. Feel a lot more relaxed and chilled. I feel more confident when i go out, one of the best solutions for hair loss. Get it done guys if you’re thinning and feel the difference. Good luck ;)"
Raj Athwal, Shop owner

"What a professional service, I was made to feel very welcome and I felt I was really listened to and in safe hands. Its very hard to lose your hair but Ultra made it that little bit easier. Thank you so much to the Ultra team xxx"
Mrs Felicity Hurst, Teacher

"Fabulous staff, fabulous clinic, fabulous results xx"

Mrs Gina Kaur, Solicitor

"I cannot recommend ultra highly enough, I was listened to and by no means pushed into doing anything. We went through my hair loss history and my options based on the condition of my hair. I am now ecstatic with my hair and recommend anyone who is losing hair to give Ultra a go. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain."
Fahima Begum, Secretary

"Just wanted to say, its been an awe inspiring experience I didn’t know these things existed. They talked me through the stages of my hair loss and what results I might expect. I feel like my old self again.Thank you x"
Tanya Evans

"I just had to write a review about the customer service, staff, results and the cost of my hair loss journey with Ultra (I won’t babble on for too Having trolled the internet I was very wary about what to expect as you hear many stories about getting ripped off etc. My hair loss was very aggressive and I understood my options were limited. I therefore wanted to make an informed decision, so decided to visit a few hair loss/replacement clinics. The two main factors going through my mind were final results and cost. Having been to these other clinics I felt I was compromising on one or the other. I’m not by any means the richest person but hair loss was important so understood I may have to compromise (so I thought). The day of Ultra’s consultation came thinking it’s just another consultation (boy was I wrong). Parking was free onsite, The Clinic felt very welcoming and the staff were accomadating and understanding. I was amazed with the results, seeing both in real life and pictures/videos. I then built the necessary barrier expecting the worse “THE COST” When I was told the cost I was truly taken back. It was easily half the price of the lowest quote I had from the other clinics. It was a no brainer for me. From the beginning to my final results I couldn’t be happier. I’ve recommended many clients to Ultra as I feel they offer the best solution/s for hair loss at a very very competitive price."
Stephen Lawrence, Office worker

"Never knew much about non-surgical hair replacement, but I took a chance and gave it a try. Now I feel 10 years younger. When I was bald I was always embarrassed at taking photos at weddings,parties etc. Now I am always at the front of the photographs. I thank the ultra team for providing me an excellent customer service to which most of their competitors can only dream about. I would always recommend Ultra’s service."
Saf Chikhalia, Business Manager

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