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Based in Birmingham, Ultra Hair Clinic offer their hair assimilation program to customers throughout the Birmingham area. Based in the Jewellery quarter our clinic is discreetly yet conveniently located for our customers.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement / Ultra Hair Assimilation

The Ultra Hair Assimilation Program
Our Ultra Hair Assimilation program is the premier in non-surgical hair replacement. It has been specifically designed with two important factors in mind, that it should look and feel natural. Our ultra high definition hairline gives the appearance of hair growth directly from your scalp. Consequently this allows you the ability to create any hairstyle of your choosing.

Tailored to You!
Our virtually invisible base gives the freedom to allow your skin to sweat and breathe as nature intended, never feeling constricted in your lifestyle. Each system is sculpted around your individual needs. Our 100% human hair will match seamlessly in colour, wave and contour. This will leave you with immaculate natural results immediately.

Flexibility and Confidence!
The Ultra Hair Assimilation treatment can also allow for a gradual re-introduction of hair over a time period of your choice. Your individual needs will be listened to and the re-introduction of your hair will be instilled as slowly or as fast as you prefer. Ultra Hair Assimilation gives the flexibility of living a very active lifestyle whether you like going to the gym, sauna, playing sports, swimming or any other activity it will not affect the system.

Many of our clients have said that having the Ultra Hair Assimilation treatment has taken off at least 10 years off their age, bringing back their confidence and truly not worrying about their hair loss anymore.


No tacky wigs, no uncomfortable hairpieces, no surgery just natural looking undetectable 100% human hair with trendy cutting edge hairstyles. Get in contact to begin your new life without the stress of worrying about your hair loss ever again.

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