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Microneedle Therapy

Microneedle Therapy is a therapeutic device used for scalp treatment which increases topical treatment penetration and promotes new hair growth.
The microneedles penetrate the top layers of the scalp without causing damage. This non-intrusive penetration allows a much higher absorption of topical scalp treatment products commonly used to treat hair loss and re-grow hair.

Advantages of microneedling

• Non-surgical natural process
• Dramatically increases penetration of scalp products and treatments
• Process is pain free, just moderate pricking sensation
• Supports collagen and elastin repair
• Can be used on all areas of the scalp

The consultant will be able to discuss this treatment further with yourself in the consultation to see if you would be a suitable candidate.

Tel: 0121 244 2326, Email:
Ultra Hair Clinic, 12-14 Legge Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3LD