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Hair Analysis

The loss of hair usually lies at the root of the hair and around the bulb of the hair. This is where the root grows and reproduces. Our Hair loss analysis performs a microscopic investigation of current problems with your hair's health.

The main detections of the microscopic hair loss analyser are:

•  Level of hair loss
•  The hair follicle density calculation
•  Scalp Allergies
•  Scalp toxins
•  Damaged/dry hair

Our powerful software system, prompts the signs to your level of hair loss and will automatically calculate hair density at the same time.

Our microscopic hair analyser gives a very clear understanding of the detection, analysis results thereby offering the best possible solutions for your hair loss need.

Tel: 0121 244 2326, Email:
Ultra Hair Clinic, 12-14 Legge Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3LD