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At Ultra Hair Clinic we recognise that hair loss for women, is just as significant problem as it is for men, and we offer several non-surgical solutions to restore your confidence.

Female Hair Restoration

The dominant hegemonic narrative for both males and females often revolve around the ideologies of beauty associated with hair. Consequently, these types of discourses affect the confidence and understanding of hair loss sufferers even more significantly. The attributes commonly associated with beauty, fertility and hair loss in women in a consumerist society is also a strong factor linked to the acceleration of stress that is usually found side to side with women who do not conform to the hegemonic view of beauty.

Many of the components found in these narratives have no foundation and incorrect. A popular misunderstanding that women do not or should not lose hair is also an incorrect representation and makes dealing with hair loss particularly difficult for women. Hair loss is not exclusive to males but can affect up to a high percentage of women. Hair loss in women can be devastating for confidence, emotional wellbeing and self-image.

Ultra Hair Clinic recognises the lasting damages of hair loss in women and aims to tackle and eradicate the negative thoughts surrounding it. The smallest amount of thinning can leave one feeling unattractive and insecure and that is one of the reasons why the Ultra team treat all hair loss on the same scale.

Ultra Hair Clinic offers many bespoke treatments catering for women’s hair loss on a subjective scale. Each process will be dedicated to serving a clients need exclusively as each hair loss journey one experiences is also subjective. So, when you are ready give us a call and let us start a new journey together to help rectify your hair loss on 0121 244 2326

Tel: 0121 244 2326, Email:
Ultra Hair Clinic, 12-14 Legge Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3LD