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Ultra understands that children's hair loss is a very distressing issue both for the individual and parties associated. Hair loss in children can often have the same patterns commonly found in adult hair loss like thinning all over or hair loss in patches.

Child Hair Restoration

The tinea capitis infection is the most common cause of hair loss in children. Tinea capitis, is a superficial fungal infection often seen in children. It can show up in a number of ways, but often as scaly patches of hair loss on the head. The patches are usually round or oval. The hairs may be broken off at the surface of the skin and look like black dots on the scalp.

Alopecia Areata is the sudden appearance of round or oval patches of hair loss. These patches are completely slick bald or smooth without any signs of inflammation, scaling, or broken hairs. They appear literally overnight, or sometimes over a few days.

Trauma to the hair shaft is another common cause of hair loss in children. Often the trauma is caused by traction (consistently worn tight braids, pony-tails, etc.) or by friction (rubbing against a bed or wheelchair for example). It can also be caused by chemicals burns.

Ultra Hair Clinic not only understands the psychological side effects associated with hair loss in both adults and children, but also recognises the best treatment suitable to each and every persons. The possible treatments are discussed thoroughly in the consultations which will be the first point of contact and will continue throughout the duration of the treatments.

Jesse's Story

Going in to year 7 is a scary thing but going in to year 7 with your hair falling out is even scarier!

When I was 10 and a half my mom noticed a small oval bald patch at the front of my head – she initially thought it was a scar from a football stud as I play as a goalkeeper but then it started to get bigger. As more small patches appeared I was then taken to the doctors who suspected alopecia areata and referred me to a consultant at the hospital. I was given various creams to try but the small patches became larger patches and then joined together to become even bigger patches – yes I was now heading down the road of alopecia totalis where almost all of the hair on my head was gone.

It was obviously noticeable to those around me that my hair was coming out but I did not want to tell people what I had. I suppose it was a bit of denial as I did not want to feel different. The thought of people talking about me made me mad but luckily that hasn’t happened much, it has been hard but I appreciate that I am different and to me different isn’t always a bad thing. My mom and dad tell me how brave I have been going in to secondary school because alopecia totalis has now become alopecia universalis where I no longer have many eyebrows or eyelashes left either.

Nothing the hospital could offer me helped and it was then that my dad found Ultra Hair clinic. I thought it was worth looking at and decided to give it a go and OMG they look amazing. I went to see them in the clinic and straight away I was made to feel that they cared, they were friendly and understood what I was going through.

I’m now comfortable in wearing the integrated hair system; it just feels like I have a hat on. I feel confident wearing it and it looks just like my hair did 2 years ago before it vanished. When I first had it on I was worried it would just fall off but I have participated in PE (Rugby for example) and football training and it has stayed in place perfectly, it doesn’t stop me doing anything!

The integrated hair system has boosted my confidence and makes me feel a lot better about myself, thank you Ultra Hair Clinic.

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We have many options for children in forms of different concealments, so please give us a call and one of our phone advisors will be happy to help you on 0121 244 2326.

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