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The hair shaft of African Caribbean hair is mainly flat with a twist like structure and a very thin diameter. These twists and 4mm curls are the weakest points along your hair, and this is one of main reasons why African Caribbean hair is easily damaged.

African Caribbean hair tangles very easily due to the structure of the curls. Detangling/relaxing etc can cause further pulling of the hair and eventually causing alopecia traction hair loss to occur.

African Caribbean Hairloss / Hair Thinning Problems

The occurrence traction alopecia in African Caribbean women is widely underestimated. Traction alopecia hairloss/hair thinning generally begins as thinning at your front hairline/temples, then it further recedes and continues with a general thinning all over

One of the causes of this type of traction alopecia hair loss are sleeping in rollers, very tight braids or using overly tight rollers. The reason why these can cause alopecia traction is because this puts a lot of stress on the hair follicles, causing tension and damage to hair cycle growth. This will eventually cause breakages and will directly pull hair out from the roots. It’s very important to treat this type of hair loss early on, as over the course of time it can damage your hair follicles and lead to permanent hair loss.
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